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Who Are We

Who We Are

The Institute for the Public Sphere is a multimedia research institute for critical film & video production, exhibition, and distribution. Content derives from the collaborations of filmmakers, theorists, videographers, autodidacts, and artists. We produce and distribute philosophically-informed collage and compilation-based essay films as well as masterclass-style documentary course videos, dubbed "cine-essays" and "docu-tutorials", respectively.

In addition to assisting in the production of cine-essays and docu-tutorials, Public Sphere helps with multi-platform exhibition and distribution for  both. Cine-essays are available for the public to rent and docu-tutorials are discoverable by students on multiple video course platforms, as well as the Public Sphere website. In addition to subscription & rental access, we also host an open-access virtual study hall and a mini-cine-essay series known as TIPS (for The Institute for the Public Sphere), that is available on our YouTube channel.

Everyone is invited to submit work to this project. We will launch the platform when we have amassed at least thirty cine-essays and at least ten docu-tutorials. 


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