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Collaborating with Public Sphere can include engaging as: 

  • A viewer/learner

  • A filmmaker/instructor

  • A member of the Board of Advisors

  • A contributor of historical/existing cine-essays & docu-tutorials

  • A contributor to the founding & sustaining funds

  • Any combination of the above

As a multimedia research institution, The Institute for the Public Sphere foregrounds collaborative nonfiction educational/intellectual film/video production, exhibition, and distribution. Content derives from the collaborative efforts of academics, filmmakers, and autodidacts, as well as philosophers, artists, and activists. 

We produce, exhibit, and distribute philosophically-informed collage and compilation-focused essay-films (“cine-essays”) as well as condensed masterclass-style documentary course videos (“docu-tutorials”). Cine-essays are available on our Amazon Prime-style OTT platform and app, as well as the Public Sphere website, where our docu-tutorials can also be found. Both can also be found on the filmmakers’/instructors’ websites, on those of other projects they collaborate with, or on the major video course platforms, since Public Sphere is non-exclusive. For those who wish to contribute cine-essays or docu-tutorials, proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, and are reviewed by our acceptance committee. If accepted, we will notify you via email within two weeks. 


In addition to individually-rented and subscription-based access, we also host an open-access mini-cine-essay series called TIPS (for The Institute for the Public Sphere) that is available on our YouTube channel. 

We are currently accepting proposals for TIPS that will be reviewed by our acceptance committee. Please submit a cover letter, your resume, at least two examples of written work, and if applicable, two examples of video/film work (either from you or a collaborator you will work with) to our email:
We accept cine-essays and docu-tutorials from those with Ph.D. or M.A. degrees, or from autodidacts with at least two academic/intellectual publications, or two educational/documentary films or videos. We encourage collaborations between writers and filmmakers, for those who are primarily one or the other, but still want to be involved. 

We will launch the platform when we have amassed 30-60 cine-essays, mini-cine-essays and/or docu-torials that are ready for release. We expect this to be achieved by the end of 2022. The sooner you are ready, the sooner we are ready. 




Founder & Producer
Dr. J.M. Adams, Former Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Theory, Williams College


Board of Advisors
Dr. David M Kleinberg-Levin, Emeritus Professor, Philosophy, Northwestern University
[Others TBA]

Cine-essayists & Docu-tutors


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