Publius: Cineessays in Cultural & Political Thought is an essay film series produced by The Institute for the Public Sphere. Publius conjoins cutting-edge cultural & political thought with past, present, and future events in the temporal world. 


Publius operates on the same schedule as the Internet, accepting, reviewing, revising, and releasing on a rolling basis. Publius's 30-90 minute+ essay films are found on our channels on YouTube, Vimeo, and this website, amongst other locations, which we plan to include Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV,. We take seriously the concept of the cineessay as originally conceived, in which the cinema would serve as a new form of writing. Given this, the first task of any Publius cineessay is the production of a suitable script, the basis from which everything else flows. The relationship of form and content therefore, is one that deforms the latter while largely maintaining the the best aspects already established within the former. Publius does, however, invite innovative approaches to form in submitted cineesays, as well.


We invite essay-oriented filmmakers to contribute either written or filmed proposals or completely finished works to our editorial team. To increase the likelihood of acceptance: compose an essay-length, philosophically-informed piece of writing, record yourself delivering it audibly, then superimpose this voiceover track on top of a video collage composed by you and/or a collaborator. We do not want the focus to be on you as an individual personality, as is the case in much YouTube philosophy work, for example. Rather, we seek to create space for extra-subjective cineessays, restoring the cinema's true vocation, that of showing us what embodied, subjective perception cannot. 


Publius seeks to create meaningful alternatives to the Patreon model for would-be theory-informed filmmakers and video producers, so as to refocus attention upon notions and concepts rather and individuals and personas. For this reason, we offer free one-day premieres of our films on YouTube and Vimeo, but after that day, they are available for rent. We want to ensure that our contributors are paid for their time and effort, so the rental model works best to ensure that that happens in a way that keeps the ideas themselves central to the project. That said, those contributors who are also funded by Patreon are not blocked from participation. 


Publius does not accept cineessays that purport to simply explain one or several philosophers while leaving notions and concepts to play second fiddle. We support the leadership of ideas, not the leadership of individuals, and as such, we expect notions and concepts to remain central throughout - in form, content, description, and titling alike. That said, please do invoke as many thinkers as necessary, but do not submit anything to us in which it is apparent that you yourself are not thinking. If representing is your main agenda, please look elsewhere or create your own platform.



DL: 12/15/21


Non-Communication in Cultural & Poltical Thought