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TIPS (The Institute for the Public Sphere) is the division of Public Sphere dedicated to everything other than our two main foci: TVOD and SVOD cine-essays and docu-tutorials. 

TIPS, however, is a space for publicly-available, open-access film & video content, as well as POD merchandise to help Public Sphere to continue to pursue our mission. 
It is central to the mission of Public Sphere to produce, exhibit, and distribute publicly-available, open-access film & video content on an ongoing basis. Central to this will be a free 10-30 minute mini-cineessay series on Vimeo & YouTube also named TIPS, that will effectively function as part of the theorytube / breadtube / redtube worlds. The TIPS channels will be significantly different from most of the others though, in that mini-cineessays that appear under that name will be produced not only by one single personality, but by an ongoing rotating assemblage, thereby allowing those who may have hoped to create a philosophically-informed video essay for Vimeo or YouTube worlds, but did not feel ready to create an entire channel in order to do it. With TIPS, a highly-relevant channel is already there, the audience is already there, and your ability to try new ideas out is assured. 

In addition publicly-available, open-access content, merchandise like print-on-demand t-shirts, dresses, mugs, posters, etc. are part of TIPS, helping Public Sphere to continue to pursue our mission. In the future, TIPS will also be working on POD books, audiobooks, and ebooks, which this will help to make possible, as well. Finally, TIPS projects like these help us to provide fee waivers to a number of low-income filmmaker/instructors each year, so that no one is barred from participating in Public Sphere.

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